• CACY+Van
    CACY Van

    Donated by Baker's Collision Repair Specialists

  • CACY+Lobby
    CACY Lobby

    Resources at CACY office

  • Artwork+from+%22Kick+Butts+With+Art%22+Show+2013
    Artwork from "Kick Butts With Art" Show 2013

    One of the winning entries

  • CACY+Family+Fun+Bowling+Night
    CACY Family Fun Bowling Night

    Positive Opportunities Program students and their families

  • Seat+Belt+Use+Awareness+Kickoff+May+2013
    Seat Belt Use Awareness Kickoff May 2013

    CACY Youth Participated

  • CACY%2FFoundation+Academy+Students+
    CACY/Foundation Academy Students

    Visiting at local nursing home

  • Kick+Butts++With+Art+Show
    Kick Butts With Art Show

    One of the CACY winners at art exhibition held at the Longview Center in March 2013

  • CACY+Summer+Camp+2013
    CACY Summer Camp 2013

    POP students decorated their new CACY t-shirts.

Working to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and moving Richland County towards a DRUG FREE community.

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