Working to prevent and reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and moving Richland County towards a DRUG FREE community.

About Us

CACY was founded in 1978 and is a nonprofit community coalition. A group of parents met with counselors and administrators from schools who were concerned about the use of alcohol and drugs by Mansfield and Richland County youth. They decided to educate the adult community about the effects of alcohol and drugs on youth. The group hosted qualified trainers and educators to provide prevention training for adults from all facets of the community.

CACY grew in community involvement and expanded to offer many prevention programs. As volunteers could no longer afford to handle the program demands alone, they wrote a grant that was used to hire a part-time coordinator to promote and coordinate many prevention activities and school programs. The Richland County Commissioners and General Motors employees provided CACY’s first local funding.

CACY is now one of the oldest surviving county-wide grassroots prevention coalitions recognized by the State of Ohio and federal government. CACY continues to offer, develop, implement, facilitate and coordinate violence, tobacco, alcohol and drug prevention, and education activities. CACY’s programs help to develop healthy, capable, caring young people who value themselves, others and their community and who make positive, healthy lifestyle choices.